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Yes, I order x-rays, ultrasound and MRI.

There are three keys to making the diagnosis of any injury.

  1. The history of how you started hurting.

  2. The physical examination.

  3. Diagnostic imaging such as xray, ultrasound and MRI.

Your history and physical exam are by far the most important. I don't tend to see the kind of injuries where we think you've broken a bone, so in most cases we can arrive at the diagnosed without any extra imaging. In tricky cases, I do utilize whatever imaging tests might be helpful. When I refer you, there are xray clinics all over the city - you can choose wherever is convenient for you.

In 2020, AHS stopped funding these exams when they are ordered by a physiotherapist. Now, when I order imaging for you, there are 3 ways to get that funded.

  1. Take my requisition to your doctor. If they agree, they will sign the form and then AHS will fund the test.

  2. If your treatment involves a car accident, often times your auto insurance is required to pay for these tests when ordered by a physiotherapist. I'll let you know if that's the case.

  3. Pay for the test privately yourself. Basic x-rays can cost a bit less or a bit more than $100 (depending on the body part). Some of my patients don't want the inconvenience of going see their doctor just for a signature, so they pay themselves. If we require an MRI, some of my patients are comfortable with the $600-$800 fee, and we can have have the MRI done within 3-5 days.

You have multiple options

I'm here to give you options. Most often, I'll advise you that we don't need any imaging done in order to get the diagnosis right. When we do though, you'll have the freedom to choose which funding route you want to go.

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