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I searched "exercises for back pain"...

Haven't found the solution with your web search yet?

I saw a fellow once who had done his own homework and tried a number of “shoulder exercises” he’d found on instagram, facebook, and countless websites. They didn't work, so he came to get professional advice. When I was done with him, and had shown him the 4 key things he needed to do to fix his problem, he said “Jeff, it’s like you have the secret server.”

Yes, there is a secret server of information. And you do have access to it

Guess what, that’s exactly what your doctor, your neurologist, your orthopedic surgeon and your physiotherapist all have. The secret server of information. And more importantly, we know how to weed out the ‘noise’ and set you on the right path. Having knowledge isn’t enough. Knowing how to apply it is the key. There comes a time when you need professional medical or rehabilitation advice. Only you will know when that time is.

So here’s the one thing you can’t find on the internet about back/ shoulder/ knee pain: The exact thing that YOU need to do. So if you find it helpful to spend 2 or 3 (or 23) hours doing your own search, go right ahead. The internet is the biggest library you will ever walk in to. It would take you months just to walk through all the rooms, without even reading a single sentence. By doing your own websearch, you’ll barely scratch the surface of what’s out there. If you get lucky, and find the solution to your pain, that's great. If you get frustrated and want to save time, I’d be happy to put my 50,000* hours of rehab experience to work for you.

* I've been in practice for nearly 25 years. I have twice as much 'flight time' as a commercial airline pilot acquires in their entire career. There are very few conditions that surprise me. If you're keen on getting to the solution for your pain quickly, I don't waste time.

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