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What is a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist?

Updated: 3 days ago

There are many excellent physiotherapists in Canada. Some have gone on to qualify as a specialist in a particular field, like neurological rehab, paediatrics or geriatrics. I qualified in 2013 as a clinical specialist in the musculoskeletal system*. There are just a handful of specialists in the country at this time.

I specialize in injuries and disorders of the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles. This can include the spine, the jaw, the toes, and everything in between. Such disorders may come from a sudden injury, a disease process, or insidiously and for no apparent reason.

One of the most important factors in treating your condition is getting the diagnosis right. As a clinical specialist, I have advanced training in a variety of assessment and treatment procedures, and I am qualified to order diagnostic imaging like xrays and MRIs when needed. We'll start with getting the diagnosis right, and from that we'll come up with the right plan.

It typically costs more to see a clinical specialist physiotherapist. Most common conditions can be treated effectively by a generalist physiotherapist, but for those with complex issues, and those with urgent rehab needs and no time to lose, using a clinical specialist is often a wise choice.

*The Canadian Physiotherapy Association certifies physiotherapists who have focused their careers and can demonstrate advanced clinical competence, leadership, continuing professional development, and involvement in research in a specific area of practice. A list of clinical specialist physios in Canada can be found here.

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