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MVA Patients

If you are a physiotherapist, chiropractor, physician or other health care provider, here is some helpful information.

In tricky and challenging cases, some patients needs a fresh start. If it’s in the best interest of the patient, you may consider a referral to transfer your patient to Mr. Begg for ongoing care.

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Sometimes all you need is a second opinion on diagnosis, or some direction on the type of treatment required. In this case, make it clear in your referral that you are requesting a single visit for a consultation, but not a transfer of care. Your patient will come back to you with advice to help you complete their recovery. You can use this referral form if you'd like.


Standard assessment fee applies. Mr. Begg is not funded by AHS or WCB.

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If your patient is an MVA case, you have access to an Injury Management Consultation as part of the Diagnostic & Treatment Protocols Regulation (DTPR). The IMC process has been available since 2004, yet is underused by physiotherapists in the province of Alberta. The Physiotherapy College of Alberta maintains a roster of registered Injury Management Consultants.

How to make a referral:

  1. Complete a AB-5 form

  2. Fax the AB-5 to both Mr. Begg, and to the auto insurer.

    Fax #: 780-900-8804

    The auto insurer is required to pay for the completion of the AB-5 and to pay for the IMC visit. Prior approval for an IMC is not required, as long as the patient is still within the DTPR (<90 days post-MVA, and 10 or 21 visits not yet complete).


  3. After the IMC, you will receive a report from Mr. Begg clarifying the diagnosis, and the recommended treatment approach.

    An IMC consultation is a single visit, and Mr. Begg does not take over the care of your patient.

    For more information on MVA tips and tricks, including how you can use the IMC process to help with your tricky cases, follow @alberta_mva_tips on Instagram.

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