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Mr. Begg provides legal opinions for both plaintiffs and defendants. His opinion is sought after in both personal injury cases, and in negligence complaints and actions against physiotherapists.  


His expert qualifications include the following:

  • Certified by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as a Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, one of only a handful in Canada

  • Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy since 2005

  • Past President of the Pain Society of Alberta

  • Clinical Assistant Professor with the University of Alberta Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, supervising and mentoring physiotherapy students and interns

  • Registered as an Injury Management Consultant for the Alberta Diagnostic & Treatment Protocols Regulation since 2005

  • Over 40,000 practice hours and an estimated 1500+ auto accident patients assessed and treated since 2000

  • Previously qualified by the court as an expert witness in Alberta

When treating cases that involve personal injury from auto accident or other negligence, Mr. Begg maintains highly detailed records in preparation for potential legal reporting. Medicolegal reports will outline specific measures of injury, impairment, disability, progress over time and prognosis. 


Mr. Begg was actively involved in the Auto Insurance reforms of 2004, is keeping his eye on the proposed reforms of 2021, and educates other physiotherapists on the intricacies of both the DTPR, the Minor Injury Regulation, and the AAIB Regulation. His knowledge on the application of these regulations is sought after by other physiotherapists, and his comprehensive medicolegal reports provide the information that lawyers require.

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In cases of alleged malpractice by physiotherapists, Mr. Begg executes a thorough review of documents and applies the standards of the relevant provincial regulatory College.  His extensive background as a certified clinical specialist, and his decades-long service in training physiotherapy students and new graduates gives him a comprehensive perspective.  His reports are described as being extremely well written, and they assist all parties in understanding when standards have been met, when they have been missed, and when allegations are unsubstantiated.

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Mr. Begg reviews complaints to the regulatory College against physiotherapists.  His opinion has been sought out by both the College, and by legal defenders for physiotherapists.  With his own high standard of practice, and a keen eye for competence in evaluating physiotherapy students and interns, he is able to review complaints by the public and provide an opinion regarding validity.

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