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Jeff Begg Physiotherapy Clinical Specialist

About Jeff Begg

I provide expert diagnosis, advice and treatment for injuries to your muscles, bones and joints. 

I’m one of those fellows who knew what he wanted to do early on. I decided on physiotherapy at a Career Fair in junior high.

I attended the U of A in Edmonton, competing as a varsity track & field athlete during the 5 years of my physiotherapy degree. 

I’ve been in practice continually since 1997, initially at hospitals in Edmonton, then in outpatient clinics in Greenville, South Carolina and Seattle, Washington.   I practiced at CSA Physiotherapy in South Edmonton from 2002 to 2022, and I now see patients exclusively at Innovation Physical Therapy Plus at Southgate Mall in Edmonton. 

I qualified as Edmonton’s first Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in in 2013. My area of specialty is MSK - the musculoskeletal system. There are just a handful of clinical specialists in the country.  In this role, I provide expert diagnosis, advice and treatment for injuries to your muscles, bones and joints. 

I’ve trained physiotherapy students for 20 years, as an Associate Clinical Professor for the University of Alberta. I also provide post-graduate mentorship for fully qualified PTs through a unique Fellowship Program

I’m also one of these lucky guys who loves what he does.  I’ve been in practice for more than 25 years, and I hope to continue for 25 more. I spent time owning and managing clinics over the years, but since 2018 I’ve retreated from that back into a clinical role because that’s what I enjoy most. What makes me most proud is the little successes made with each person I see, along with mentoring and training young physiotherapists to give them a great start to their career.


Although I treat all types of orthopedic injuries and dizzy conditions, I have a deep interest in neck and back pain, and hip joint issues, and that’s what I tend to spend most of my time on these days.

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